Temet [CD]



1. Azzaman
2. Tamudre
3. Ehad wa dagh
4. Alwa
5. Imuhagh
6. Tumast
7. Tarha Nam
8. Tochal
9. Zinizjumegh
10. Ma S-Abok

Temet is a huge leap forward in production, as well as creatively for Imarhan. Whereas their debut was anchored in the meditative Desert Blues tradition, Temet eclipses such notions, finding bounce and drive by stirring their sound with funk, fuzz, disco and rock. This is not a novel concept to the band, as anyone who has seen them play will attest. There is a disparity between their emotional and thoughtful first album and the raucous, ecstatic live show. And while Temet is decisively more eclectic, the aesthetic wisdom and singular vision of their debut remains on full display.