Cellulosed Bodies (Original Score) [Ltd. LP]



Limited Edition Clear Vinyl

Augustus Muller (Boy Harsher) teams up again with Four Chambers to release CELLULOSED BODIES, which features two scores, Crash and Automation, through imprint Nude Club Records. Four Chambers is the self-described “project” of experimental pornographer Vex Ashley, filmmaker, photographer, and cultural phenom. Both scores serve as accompaniments to films released by Ashley last year through Four Chambers.


1. Fur And Metal
2. Sharing A Smoke
3. A New Wound
4. Perverse Technology
5. Body As Machine
6. Shattered Glass
7. Initialize
8. Next Subject
9. Endoscopy
10. Examination
11. Acceptance
12. You Belong To The Machine
13. Observation
14. Stretching / Invading
15. Who Is In Control
16. Subdue Yourself